An idea, 10 years into making 


New plant layout

Helping in setting up their new plant layout as they move factory buildings with the goal of holding minimum inventory. The changes include reducing material movement, understanding amount of inventory and WIP visually, systematically arranging items at the plant.

Printing company

Implementation of Kaizen

Implementation of Kaizen resulted in printing on demand, changing traditional designs, quality checks at every point, reducing rework, elimination of material waste and offering sustainable paper solutions.

WFH for an individual

Implementation of 5s

Implementation of 5s resulted in productivity increase through creation of a corner for working designed ergonomically and elimination of non value adding tasks through incorporation of a trolley.


Organised data base

Helping KPAC to smoothen their interaction with clients for SEO optimisation. Database is being arranged systematically to have a clear idea on WIP, ranking progress, payments and like.


Less is more

Implementation of Kaizen resulted in printing on demand, reducing shippings costs of receiving prints from supplier, changing designs, quality checks at every point, reusing packaging, on time dispatches, changing to crisper logo, selling in sets, adding more utility, packing in cloth pouches handmade from scraps and choosing sustainable paper.

Therefore, moving forward from traditional ideas into being sustainable and unique – only one in India to make 100% recycled paper postcards which are not seed paper and postcard calendars.

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