Helping companies achieve Japan-level efficiency, quality and thoughtfulness

The whole world respects Japanese products – they’re high quality, durable and efficient. That’s not by chance. They’ve achieved this through being extremely thoughtful about the customer, their employees, their culture, their goals and the product.

We’ve been learning their secrets and techniques like Kanban, Kaizen and more since 2012, and our Founder even did a Master’s in Engineering from Japan for it.

With Opco, our mission is to use these trusted techniques to help Indian SMEs become more efficient, sustainable and effective. Let’s get it done! 

How we can help you

Operations Optimisation

How can you do what you do better, faster, smarter and possibly, cheaper? Be it anything – from your hiring process, digital workflows, to the physical layouts of your workspace. We apply our techniques to see where inefficiencies, wastage and bottlenecks happen in your current process and provide solutions to alleviate them.

Sustainability Solutions

A sustainable business is a lasting, profitable business. How can you operate more sustainably, in terms of economics, resource-usage and environmental impact? We audit your operations to identify unsustainable practices in your organisation and process; and provide solutions towards them.

Experience Enhancements

Don’t just aim for customer satisfaction – aim for customer delight. A delighted customer does so much for a company: they’re your best source of repeat business, referrals and marketers. We help you get there by auditing your customer experiences and identify ways in which they can be easier, faster and more delightful to them.

Our process

1. Inspect

We audit your current situation and processes. We do this in multiple ways – conversations with you, your staff and your customers, operation reports you can share, photos / videos, or even in-person visits as needed.

2. Identify

Identify non-value adding tasks, problems to solve and areas of improvement which would have an impact on the overall system and prioritise them.

3. Implement

Explore solutions using various techniques like kaizen, kanban, just in time, 5s and lean manufacturing. We then help you and your team implement the right solutions.

4. Iterate

With the results from the above changes, we can run this cycle for more improvement.

About us

Opco is founded by Heena Shah, a mechanical engineer with a B.E from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal; M.E from IPS Waseda, Japan and a PG Diploma in Operations Management from Welingkar Institute of Managment, Mumbai.

When she first visited Japan in 2012, she found herself amazed by the way everything worked there. It was all so punctual, seamless, efficient and thoughtful. This sparked a bug in her – How can I be this way too? She found herself learning about Kaizen and like straight from the gembas of Toyota, Mitsubishi and others during this trip itself, and started using the learnings in her final 2 years of engineering.

Soon after, in 2014, she went back to Japan for a Master’s in Engineering from the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems Engineering of the prestigious Waseda University. In these 2 years, she learnt all about decision making, efficient processes, discipline, ikigai, love for detail and sticking to commitments, and started implementing them not just in her work, but in her life as well. At the end of the two years, this lifestyle change was effortless, effective and evident.

After coming back to India, she observed inefficiencies, big and small, in so many products and services. This is where she realised, she could use all her learnings from Japan to help companies become more efficient, sustainable and delightful. And that’s how Opco was born!

Key Highlights:

  • Worked at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan and University of Montenegro, Montenegro.

  • Wrote Bachelor’s Thesis on Investigation of lean manufacturing tools in Sankalp Engineering & Services Pvt. Ltd and Masters’s Thesis on Study on Robust Multi Criteria Decision Making Problem under Uncertainty of the Decision Maker.

  • Published 3 research papers on Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods in Evalution of Environmental Impacts and 1 on Study on Robust Multi Criteria Decision Making Problem under Uncertainty of the Decision Maker.

  • Visted factories of Toyota, Denso, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toto, Mazda and more.

  • Implemented Kaizen at Paper Tree Pvt. Ltd. and 5S at Student Welfare office, MIT

Let’s work together

Tell us about your company and let’s figure how we can help you! Write to us at